More bad news for Brooklyn venues: DNA Info reports that East Williamsburg venue and restaurant Don Pedro will close this spring, with its last day being May 6:

The venue's last day will be May 6, according to Don Pedro's bouncer Brian, who declined to give his last name but referred to himself as the "a--hole at the door." Manager Danielle Giaquinto, 31, confirmed the closing.

The owner of the 90 Manhattan Ave. building in which the venue is housed sold the property to a limited liability company for about $1 million on Dec. 21, 2016, records show. Lawyers for the new owner could not immediately be reached for comment.

Giaquinto said that she has been looking around Bushwick and Ridgewood for a place to relocate but hasn't had any luck so far.

"We definitely want to continue to be a venue, we're not settling for anything less," she said.

Do Pedro opened in 2001 primarily as an Ecuadorian restaurant, but by the late '00s was well known for hosting punk, hip hop and other DIY-leaning artists.

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