Belgian genre-defying post-hardcore band Brutus released one of our favorite albums of 2019 with Nest, and this year they put out the new song "Sand" and the live album Live In Ghent. They also spent plenty of time listening to other artists, and they put together an eclectic list of their favorite albums of the year, including records by Svalbard, Fontaines DC, Kurt Vile, Bambara, Rotten Mind, and more, including some fellow Belgian bands that may be new to US listeners. They also provided commentary on each pick and you can read on for what they had to say...

Fontaines DC - A Hero’s Death

We love them! The debut album was great, and they did not disappoint with this second album! This is a no nonsense album. A rock band in its purest form. Please check “I Don’t Belong”, our favorite song on the album!

The Guru Guru - Point Fingers

A Belgian rock band that has made a great second album. It’s nostalgic, has great verses and is unique sounding. We feel a great love for them.

Kurt Vile - Speed, Sound, Lonely KV (ep)

Peter: In the horrible year 2020 we also lost the great John Prine. On this ep, released after his death, Kurt and John do an amazing song together. But even before this duet I was already pretty jealous of the talents of Kurt Vile. Perfect songs, perfect voice, perfect playing. I wish I could be as chill as he looks.

Svalbard - When I Die, Will I Get Better?

Peter: Releasing an album in a pandemic must be a horrible thing to do. If all would have been normal we would have played some shows with Svalbard in the UK earlier this year. Now we have this record and damn it’s good.

Heisa - Joni

Peter: One of the coolest bands we have over here in Belgium. They have played a great inbetween - lockdown - seated - show in Ghent last summer. Big inspiration!

Bambara - Stray

Stijn: Number one record for me in 2020. There is so much here that I didn’t even know I was looking for in a record, it’s insane! I’ve been following them ever since they released their first EP and their releases get better every time. Really curious for the next one.

King Dude - Full Virgo Moon

Stijn: Another artist I’ve been following for a long time that never disappoints me. Every time he releases an album it ends up in my “end of the year” list. Perfect music to blast while you’re driving.

Rotten Mind - Rat City Dog Boy

Stijn: The latest album of a band I only discovered this year. Straight forward punk from Uppsala, Sweden. You can’t go wrong.

Rival Consoles - Articulation

Stefanie: I always have been a big fan. He managed to have a unique sound. His chord progressions are so unique yet feel always familiar. For an artist with no vocalist he made a very “singable” album.”

Darzack - Stop Crying

Stefanie: This song threw me back in time. I just like it. Maybe it feels special because 2020 was a weird year with almost no live music or dancing.

Sylvie Kreusch - "Just A Touch Away"

Stefanie: Her voice is just mesmerizing. One of the few live shows I saw this year and she blew me away. CHECK HER LIVE-PERFORMANCE at “3 voor 12” performed November 2020.


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