No only have friends and drummers Budgie (Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Creatures, The Slits) and Lol Tolhurst (The Cure) formed a new group, LXB, they've also just launched a podcast. It's titled Curious Creatures, and on it they will "explore post punk's enduring legacy and contemporary relevance. They welcome luminaries from all walks of life for revealing, yet relaxed conversation."

The first episode of the podcast is with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, who is a big fan of Lol and Budgie's bands -- LCD used to cover Siouxsie's "Slowdive" around the time of their first album. While they don't ask James about LCD's upcoming Brooklyn Steel residency or the prospects of new music, they do discuss his love of British music, the English sense of doom, how he came to become a drummer, and more. Also: leather pants.

James also touches on what he thinks is the difference between music listeners now from when he was coming up. "Now everyone thinks they're cool and that they have good taste," James says. "There's nothing beyond what they like." He goes on to say, "I'm from a generation where music was who you were. I cared about it and it was the most important thing to me. You defined yourself -- 'This is what I listen to and you listen to your and my friends listen to the good music. You listen to shit.' It was super aggressive."

We may still get some good LCD dirt, as this first episode of the series is just Pt. 1 of the interview with Murphy. Budgie and Lol have an easy chemistry that comes from being old friends and makes for good podcast hosts. You can listen to Pt. 1 of their interview with James Murphy, and a trailer for Season 1 of Curious Creatures (featuring a whole bunch of upcoming guests that aren't named) below.

Speaking of that Brooklyn Steel residency: Tickets for all 20 shows are on AmEx presale now, with a fan presale starting Wednesday, October 6 at 10 AM, and the public on-sale starts Friday (10/8) at 10 AM.

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