Buenos Aires artist Kaleema (aka Heidi Lewandowski) is a rising musician in the thriving Latin American electronic/art pop scene (who's collaborated with Lido Pimienta, Chancha Via Circuito, and others), and she's gearing up to release her sophomore album Útera this year on Wonderwheel Recordings. We're premiering the album's glistening new single "Ololiuqui," which Kaleema says this about: "Ololiuqui, the Nahuatl name for Morning Glory, is the sonic equivalent of a midnight springtime walk by a river. Inspired by nature and its mysteries, in the song I call upon a river of crystals that flows constantly, like a luminous womb that contains all that is created."

You can definitely hear the aquatic sound coming through in this song, which is fueled by xylophones that sound like water droplets, skittering electronics, and lush string arrangements. It's a very cool song, and it comes with a Jesica López-directed video that you can check out below. Previous single "Portales" is streaming below too.