Japanese art-rock group Buffalo Daughter have announced We Are the Times, their first album in seven years. The album began as an improvisational session between the band and Masaya Nakahara as part of a tribute program for Takahiro Muramatsu (Smurf Otokogumi) and grew into something more. Says Masaya Nakahara, the album is "A bright fruit of electronic sound! Buffalo Daughter’s new sound shows the light for where we should head to in this chaotic world."

The first single from the record is "ET (Densha)" which is both heavy and beautiful. "'ET (Densha)' is our soundscape for the world we currently live in," the band says. "Darkness and light, chaos and harmony, intensity and ease - they seem to be black and white, but are they really? Where are we going? Take the ET (electric train) and let the journey begin."

Watch the song's video, and check out the album art and tracklist, below.

We Are the Times will be out digitally on September 17 with the vinyl edition out October 15.


1. Music
2. Times
3. Global Warming Kills Us All
4. Don’t Punk Out
5. Loop
6. ET (Densha)
7. Jazz
8. Serendipity (Tsubu)
9. Everything Valley

Buffalo Daughter:
suGar Yoshinaga: Guitar, vocal, TB-303, etc.
Yumiko Ohno: Bass, vocal, electronics, etc.
moOog Yamamoto: Turntables, vocal, etc.

Atsushi Matsushita: Drums (4, 6)
Takeru Okumura: Computer (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9)
Masaya Nakahara: Noise (2, 9)
Hideo Yamaki: Drums (5)
Ricardo Dias Gomes: Vocal and spoken words (7)
Horn arrangement (5): Masato Suzuki

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