Sounds of Saving's mental health-related series, "Songs that Found Me at the Right Time," takes a look at specific pieces of music that have helped musicians "cope and even thrive in the face of difficult times and emotional crisis," especially in reference to the pandemic. Past editions have found Sharon Van Etten covering Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt," and Kate Davis taking on Daniel Johnston's "Too Young To Die." Most recently, as part of the series, Bully shared a take on PJ Harvey's "Dry."

Speaking about her struggle with mental health, particularly bipolar II disorder, Alicia Bognanno said, "A lot of musicians, like myself, are sober and dealing with mental health. I think it's 85% of artists, or something, struggle with mental health. I have a link on my fridge for a suicide prevention hotline because you never know when people are going to need that. And people aren't really vocal about it, so that should be readily available at all times."

Sounds of Saving says, "We are thrilled to work with Bully on this, as Alicia is not only a great artist covering a classic PJ Harvey song but has been refreshingly candid and down to earth about her experience of living with bipolar II disorder. While mental health conversations can often be vague and cliché, Alicia shares her story in such a real way that it makes us all feel more comfortable being open about our experience and how we manage it."

You can watch Bully cover of "Dry" below.

In other PJ Harvey-related news, she's been in the process of reiussing her whole catalog, including Rid of Me (the album featuring "Dry"), which was released last year.

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