Bunky I have a new favorite album, and it's called "Born To Be a Motorcycle." The band is Bunky (half Bunny, half Monkey) from San Diego, and Pitchfork so messed up not using their Arcade Fire launching power on this wonderful band. Why this CD is not in their "Best New Music" list, I don't know.

At least Stylus got it right with their "A" rating. They say..."Born to be a Motorcycle includes everything from woozy country crooners to hearty blues to noisy indie rock and is probably one of the best albums of the year."

Bunky "This band is irrepressibly cute. The heart of the outfit is Emily Joyce and Rafter Roberts, a one-time romantic duo who now seem to share a mischievous, sibling-like relationship and comfortable musical chemistry." People in San Diego have been raving about them for years, and we have Sufjan Stevens to thank for spreading the love past the west coast. The album is out on Sufjan's Asthmatic Kitty label, and according to Pitchfork, "members of other San Diego bands like Castanets, Rockets From the Crypt, Black Heart Procession, and Pinback also lend their support to the recording."

I personally don't mind the name Bunky. Fluxblog says, "Bunky's new album is one of the best indie rock records that I've heard in the past several months, but it seems that they are doomed to obscurity because of an unfortunate name that practically demands that you not take them seriously, even just a little bit." (check the comments on the Fluxblog post for a response from Rafter Bunky himself).

Listen for yourself, and help Bunky escape obscurity.

BaBa (mp3)
Chuy (mp3)
Yes-No (mp3)

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