Vaadat Charigim frontman Juval Haring has started a new cassette label called Noar Avud that will focus on underground sounds and the Hebrew language, bringing Isreal's vibrant independent music scene to a wider audience. The first release is a bit of a calling card, a compilation simply titled Noar Avud 1 featuring 11 bands from Tel Aviv, ranging from dark synthpop (Or Edry) to shoegaze (Silvijan) to ambient (Nikolas Latkin) to more straight-up rock (Bonjour Machines). It's being released in North America as part of Burger Records' World Series and a stream of the whole compilation premieres in this post. Listen to the whole thing below.

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Noar Avud 1 tracklist:
01. Silvijan - Kadur
02. Or Edry - Cheder Choshech
03. Juval Haring and Ben Avgay - Od
04. Hashash Amiti - Hodaa Mukletet
05. Elad Zeev - Ale Al Hagal
06. Nikolas Loktin - Tinok
07. Napoli - MH-370
08. Discoelasti - O She
09. Maya Mefaneket - Im Ein Derech Shetizdayen Hamatara
10. Bonjour Machines -Et Hakol
11. Saal Hardali - Ben Zin

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