Burger Records have released a massive, seven-volume digital compilation titled Quarantunes featuring new songs written and recorded over the past three weeks by over 140 artists including King Khan, Mattiel, Timmy's Organism, Fletcher C Johnson, Sufis, The Zeros, Jay Eraser (Jay from Grooms, French Miami), Soft Palms (Julia Kugel of Coathangers and Scott Montoya of Growlers), The Lemons, TVOD, Death Hags, Dream Cars, and tons more obviously. Here's more from the Burger folks:

All funds from sales of individual tracks and compilation volumes will go directly to the artists. Furthermore, Burger Records will be covering all fees associated with posting and selling the music to maximize the amount artists make.

We came up with the idea for the compilation as a way to help artists earn money with their music while they are unable to play live and make the best of a bad situation in difficult times. Executed in true over-the-top Burger style, 'QUARANTUNES: Songs From Self-Isolation' is a DIY music event and an audio time capsule of one of the strangest and scariest periods of modern history.

Listen to all seven volumes, plus an eighth "addendum" volume, below.

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