Scott Vogel's pre-Terror band Buried Alive reunited for a few shows over the past few years (including This Is Hardcore 2017 and Back to School Jam 2018), and now they've released their first new song in 19 years, "I Killing I." It basically picks up where the band left off two decades ago -- just with slightly more modern-sounding production -- and it's pretty great. Listen below.

"I Killing I" is one of two new songs appearing on the band's upcoming EP Death Will Find You, which is due August 21 via Bridge 9 (pre-order). It also features the title track (the other new song) and remastered versions of of "Another Day Closer To Death" and "Our Time Is At Hand" from Buried Alive's 2000 split with Reach The Sky. Listen to the new song below.

Also, Bridge 9 needs your help. The building the label has been in for the past 13 years is being sold, and they "are now facing either a sizable increase in our rent or, more likely, [they] will have to relocate." To help raise money, they're selling new exclusive merch bundles. Learn more here.

Also, watch videos of their full This Is Hardcore 2017 and Back to School Jam 2018 sets:

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