UK hardcore/death metal fusionists Burner will follow last year's great A Vision of the End EP with their debut full-length album, It All Returns To Nothing, on June 23 via Church Road (pre-order). It kicks off with recent single "Hurt Locker," and also includes the just-released "Prometheus Reborn." This one's especially bone-crushing, and perfectly toes the line between hardcore and metal. Check it out below.

Kate Davies of Pupil Slicer recently included Burner in our polled list of metal bands to watch in 2023 and wrote, "The UK metal/hardcore scene is absolutely thriving right now but one band that still seems to be lurking beneath the surface is Burner. With a phenomenal debut EP out and their album on the way in 2023, they stand poised to become another fan-favourite of the scene. With their own distinct twist to the chainsaw-fueled riffage, mind-melting time signature manipulation and obscene breakdowns that they pump out, expect to see them appearing on the bigger UK festival circuit soon."

1. Hurt Locker
2. It All Returns to Nothing
3. Pyramid Head
4. Struggle Session
5. Pillar of Shame
6. Trinity
7. Prometheus Reborn
8. EF5
9. The Long March
10. An Affirming Flame
11. Waco Horror

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