Pop legend Burt Bacharach has teamed with Grammy-winning Kacey Musgraves collaborator (and Silver Seas cofounder) Daniel Tashian for a new EP titled Blue Umbrella that'll be out July 31 on Big Yellow Dog Music. It's the first record from Bacharach, who turned 92 in May, in 15 years. “Daniel’s instincts are always right on target,” says Bacharach. “Musically, he’s got the chord before I’ve got the chord, when I can't find the chord. I appreciate it so much. He hears impeccably. He brings to the table a great lyric sense. He tells a great story. He also brings some valuable music stuff. It's a really collaborative thing.”

Daniel says, “They say you shouldn't meet your heroes because they'll disappoint you. But I haven't found that about Burt.” First single "Bells of St. Augustine," on which Daniel sings lead, sounds like a classic.

Daniel has a way with other artists' comebacks. He collaborated with A Girl Called Eddy on her great and very Bacharach-esque new album, Been Around, which was her first record in 15 years, too.


Bells of St. Augustine
Whistling in the Dark
Blue Umbrella
Midnight Watch
We Go Way Back

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