NYC post-punk greats Bush Tetras have announced a new album, They Live In My Head. It's their first since 2012, and will be out July 28 via Wharf Cat. The album was produced by the band's current drummer, Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth). “We just went into the rehearsal space and things just would fall right into place,” says Pat Place, “We’d just start playing and the next thing would happen and we’d know where to take it.”  Cynthia Sley adds, “We thought a lot about memories from 1979 in New York City. It’s a reflection of growing up together, what we were eating, what we were doing, weird little things people probably won’t get. But that’s cool.”

The first single from the album is "Things I Put Together," a slinky track coated in Bush Tetras' signature gritty funk. Listen to that below.

Bush Tetras also have a new bass player, Cait "Rocky" O'Riordan of The Pogues and Elvis Costello, who will make her debut with the band this fall at NYC's Le Poisson Rouge on September 15, and they'll also play Philadelphia at Johnny Brenda's on September 29. More dates are still TBA

bush tetras They Live In My Head

Bush Tetras - They Live In My Head:
1. Bird On A Wire
2. Tout Est Meilleur
3. Things I Put Together
4. 2020 Vision
5. I Am Not A Member
6. Walking Out The Door
7. So Strange
8. Ghosts Of People
9. They Live In My Head
10. Another Room
11. The End

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