photos by Keith Marlowe

Beselers and Omegas in gang darkroom.

Longtime BrooklynVegan contributor Keith Marlowe is on the team that opened the new Community Bushwick Darkroom, a cool new spot for Brooklyn photographers. In his own words:

For the last year we’ve been building the Bushwick Community Darkroom, and now we’re finally finished with construction and are inviting NYC to come check us out!

We offer drop-off processing and scanning of color and B&W film, with the scans emailed to you immediately after processing. You can also develop your own film. We have a large, temperature controlled, film developing sink, both plastic and metal developing tanks available, and several different developers to choose from.

For photo printing we feature a black and white darkroom with nine enlargers, a color darkroom with seven enlargers, and a private-use darkroom with two enlargers. You can easily print up to 20x24 in any darkroom. The enlarger types are Beseler, Ilford, Omega and Saunders, all accepting up to 4x5” negatives, and a Durst capable of accepting up to 10x10” negatives.

All of the water is filtered to remove metal, chlorine, fluoride and contaminates, for archival negatives and prints. Film and print chemistry is provided, but you are also welcome to bring your own. We have plenty of jugs and trays to accommodate any printing or toning processes.

There are three ways to use the space: become a member, pay by the hour, or volunteer. Open hours: Mon to Wed 6 PM - 9 PM and Thurs to Sun, 12 PM - 8 PM. Members have 24 hour access.

We have a workshop, Introduction to Black and White Photography, starting this Sunday (4/3), which continues every Sunday in April.

The Darkroom space is also home to Brooklyn Lightroom, who offer custom negative scanning and laser photo printing. They can print up to 44” and use one of the highest quality digital scanners available, a Hassleblad Flextight X1, to achieve the best possible scans of 35mm, 120mm and 4x5 plates. They also offer flatbed scans of artworks or prints up to 8.5" x 11". For all of their products and services, check out the website, and more pictures of the Darkroom gear, below.


Light table
Durst enlarger prints up to 10x10" negatives
Omegas and Beseler in gang darkroom
Beselers in color darkroom.
Beselers in color darkroom
Water for developing film is filtered to remove all metals and chlorine, and temperature controlled.
Private darkroom with a color enlarger & b&w enlarger.
Private darkroom with 6ft sink & 20x24" print washer.