Last year, Bushwick DIY space The Glove launched a GoFundMe to help stay afloat, but sadly the venue is now officially coming to an end on September 1. They'll still have shows this summer before then, and they have a new GoFundMe to help this final season of shows go on. The campaign reads:

With hearts full of emotion, we bring you this news: The Glove will be closing September 1st.

We will continue our programming throughout the summer, with many exciting, even unbelievable, bills and shows. Watch out for upcoming announcements. However, we can't properly send off our beloved space without your support. Please donate to this GoFundMe so we can enjoy our community space for a final summer.

You might be wondering: Why must it be so? Why must the Glove close? The truth, as usual, is multifaceted and not easily condensed into this space. But the bottom line is the neighborhood is changing. The block the Glove has been existing on for the past three years is undergoing increased development. After "discussions" with new residents, local officials, and developers, we've come to the conclusion our business model is no longer a good fit for the area.

But we love you and love Brooklyn! We want to continue to hold space and support the incredibly strong, beautiful, challenging, and eclectic underground arts community in this borough. Your funds will help us ramp down our programming while encouraging a new generation. We'll be able to honor the many wonderful memories and moments at our space with a few more months of concentrated programming. We'll also be able to ensure that the many folks involved in the space can close it properly, making this the ultimate DIY project, adhering to a "no trace left behind" finale and making sure no one gets screwed.

We're proud of our legacy of three years of creativity, celebration, and mischief. The Glove was made to be inclusive, always catering to artists first and foremost. And with this guiding philosophy, we've all learned together that starting an inclusive venue loved by both artists and a diverse audience is entirely possible. It's all about having the right intentions and committed folks involved.

Even though the life of an egalitarian DIY space is always tenuous, the end came about unexpectedly and rapidly. However, we believe NYC and Brooklyn's underground arts will never die, not as long as we fight to keep it alive. So one final note: if anyone is interested in starting their own DIY space, please get in touch with any of us. We would love to give advice and kind words. Together, we can continue to make our own history on our own terms.

With Love,
The Glove

Another one bites the dust... peace out to The Glove.

The venue had a three-year anniversary celebration on Saturday (6/1). Currently scheduled upcoming shows include Weeping Icon on 6/14.

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