Bushwick's IDIO Gallery is home to both art exhibits and the occasional live show. Sometimes it hosts both, as in the case of the opening night of the Chris La Putt photo retrospective. The spot has been open for a year and is now looking for funding to help them stick around, launching a GoFundMe campaign with hopes of raising $60k. Owner Montana Simone explains further:

When curating, booking and managing Idio became a 70+ hour-a-week job, I stopped bartending on the side, stopped making my own art and music, and really gave the gallery my all. We threw tons of amazing $5 music shows and tried to keep the doors open with 3 or 4 events a week - while making sure the artists and musicians got paid! But the noise and traffic became too much for the building and we were forced to slow way down - which cut out our largest source of income. Still, we managed to make it work, at an operating cost of $75,000 per year! The community has been so present and supportive, but now we really need to raise some funds to make it through another year.

The reason IDIO is important and the basis of my dream is to show the great work (in all forms) being made by emerging, talented, hard-working artists in Brooklyn, across the US and around the world, in a way that brings people closer to that moment in which it was created. I wanted to erase the space between maker and viewer, instead of putting art on a pedestal, as a product to covet or consume. Since early 2015, I have worked closely with dozens of artists to show work in an authentic way, that reflects the beauty and struggle of the human experience. Thousands of people have come through IDIO Gallery, and hopefully they have experienced some of the true dedication and work that it takes create for the sake of creating, in a world that shouts at us to make money, not make waves. Hopefully they have also thought deeply and felt deeply about important subjects, alternative ways of seeing, and being. Sharing and seeing great work, rather than pushing sales and showing work that is commercially appealing, has been my greatest joy.

You can read more and contribute to IDIO over at its GoFundMe page.

Currently showing at IDIO is "Best Friends: Stephen Koharian + Eliot Greenwald" an exhibit which runs through July 24:

Growing up in Maine, Steve and Eliot would retreat to each others' basement or attic to make strange things. Now both accomplished artists, Stephen Koharian lives in Maine where he spends cold winters in introspective isolation, releasing minutely detailed and haunting oil paintings after months, or exploding into the woods as Frank the Barbarian, a scribbling, spitting, wild man.

Eliot Greenwald's work is stimulated by the pace and culture of Brooklyn and layered with the memory and nostalgia of rural Maine. Playful accumulation and the humor of failure mark his process, while an acute attention to detail and fine rendering create poignantly balanced paintings and sculptures.

Flyer for "Best Friends" is below.

IDIO Gallery is open Friday - Sunday from 1 - 5PM or by appointment.


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