Louisville post-hardcore vets By the Grace of God have been reunited for a few years, and last month they returned with the Above Fear EP, their first release since 2000's Three Steps to a Better Democracy EP. It's got six songs, all of which are cut from the same cloth as the band's classic '90s albums and have Rob Pennington's trademark shout in fine form. They bring in a few tricks like the breakdown in "Spikes to McConnell" and the catchy "whoa-oh" hook in "A Forever Pledge," but mostly this is raw, no-frills stuff. You can stream the EP in full below.

BTGOG have a one-off in Brooklyn happening June 29 at Saint Vitus with the Revelation Records-signed Search (members of Turning Point, Mouthpiece, Floorpunch), Old Ghosts, and The Path. Tickets are on sale now.

Stream Search's 2017 single "Between the Lines" along with that BTBOG EP, below.

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