California Governor Gavin Newsom is shutting the state down again as coronavirus cases there continue to climb; on Monday (7/13), he ordered bars, restaurants, movie theaters and museums throughout the state to cease operations, as well as the temporary closure of gyms, churches, malls, offices, salons, barbershops and more in 30 counties. San Diego comedy club American Comedy Co is determined to remain open regardless, though, CBS 8 reports, they've rebranded as the "American Comedy Company Cultural Connection Communication Community Center" (ACCCCCCC), and say they're holding "protests," not comedy shows.

"We no longer have a stage," open mic host Nathan Donovan told CBS 8. "We have a 'protest platform.' It’s fun getting to name these things."

"This whole process," he continued, "there’s been a major disconnect between what can and cannot be open."

The club normally holds 200 people, but it's restricting capacity to 50 right now, and requiring that face masks are worn. Microphones are cleaned between acts, or "protestors," as they are being called by the club right now, and they aren't charging admission fees. The sale of food and drinks has also ceased for now.

Donovan shared the following message on Instagram:

At the American Comedy Company Cultural Connection Communication Community Center” (ACCCCCCC)
we will be holding another protest as seen on TV @8newsnow
✊ Protesters protesting on the protest platform (formerly known as the "stage") will verbally protest one at a time, and the crowd of protesters watching the protester protest from the protesting platform will watch that protester protest while protesting . Simple as that.
😷 Every protester MUST wear a mask 100% of the time inside, unless verbally protesting on the protester stage. One protester protests by talking at a time.

🚫 We won't be selling food or booze for these protest shows. Bar and kitchen will be closed unt
To sign-up email
between 12pm-4pm the day of the mic you want to attend.
All names will be put into and the first 25 comics names will get to perform. The list will be published online around 5 o 6pm on @prozaknathan IG
Post picture below.
Tag the club and me on ISTAGRAM ONLY! Give your IG handle in email.
Only post seen on
will be considered for double entry.
Don't email in under multiple aliases to increase your chances of getting picked this will just get you banned.
1. Temperature check required before entering!
2. Anyone coughing or seems ill will not be allowed in. Don't care if it's a cough from 🚬 you wont be allowed in.
3. MASK REQUIRED except when on stage and keep it on until host is off stage.
5. Hand sanitizer is REQUIRED before touching the mic.
6. Don't touch or feed the host!
7. Expect a pop in or 2
8. Is anyone still reading this? I hope so because only emails that say your name and "I promise to follow the new rules" will be accepted.

"Suicide is rampant in the comedy industry," Donovan told CBS 8. "We really want to give people an outlet. We care about people’s physical health as well as their mental health and a lot of these 'protesters' now can’t afford to go to a therapist, so the three minutes they come on our protest platform - it used to be a stage - is really the only outlet they get."

"People really need to laugh right now," he continued, "so if anybody wants to just come in and take their mind off the state of the world, they can hear these funny 'protesters' speak their mind and just relax a little bit."

Meanwhile, in NJ, a group of movie theaters joined forces to sue the state to be allowed to reopen, saying it was "unconstitutional and unlawful" that some businesses, including retail stores, were given the go-ahead to open, but not them.

Organizers of two Ohio music festivals also cited their first amendment rights when they sued the state Department of Health director over enforcement of the ban on concerts in the state.

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