Cabane is the multi-disciplined project of Belgium's Thomas Jean Henri that involves music, video and photography. He released his first Cabane single back in 2015 and has released a few other singles since, but is now just releasing his debut album, Grande Est La Maison, which will be out February 28 via Cabane Music. It's a collaborative album, featuring Will Oldham, Kate Stables (aka This is the Kit), orchestral arrangements by Sean O'Hagan (High Llamas), and lyrics by Caroline Gabard and Tunng's Sam Genders. Ash Workman (Metronomy, Baxter Dury) mixed the record. The album also comes with a short film and book of photographs.

Grande Est La Maison's new single is the gorgeous, contemplative "Take Me Home (Part 2)," which features Oldham atop a crest of swelling harmonies, classical guitar and vibraphone. "I worked on 'Take Me Home (Part 2)' when I was writing music at the sea side of Belgium," says Thomas. "It is the foundation of the entire album Grande Est La Maison. I first wrote the songs on guitar, then transposed the notes into a vocal part for Bost Gehio, an ensemble of five singers. These sections function as would a Greek choir. I also immediately heard Will Oldham’s voice singing on top of the choir. This song, like most of Cabane’s songs, is about the sea, rivers, and love." The track premieres in this post and you can listen it, as well as "Now, Winter Comes" featuring Kate Stables, below.