Cake Shop

We had heard that Cake Shop owner Andy Bodes was semi-privately looking for a bit of help, but now it seems things have come urgent. Someone just forwarded us this snippet of an email...

"calling all millionaires: cake shop needs a month-long returnable bridge loan, due to possibly bogus fines from last year, at their deadline this monday, or we face eviction. the amount we're looking for is 10k, to pay off these fines once and for all. we'd need it in the next 72 hours. & reminder this is a short term loan. full explanation provided, with intere$t and perks, if this appeals to you, and you'd like to help us out & continue & grow. thanks. xo."

Clouder headline the Manhattan venue tonight (4/27). Maybe Andy won't need a millionaire if 1000 people just show up and spend $10 each on some cake and beer (do it!).

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