Long-running (10 years in 2015), Lower East Side indie rock club Cake Shop has quietly and privately announced that New Year's Eve will be their final night as a music venue. Tickets for most of the final few shows are on sale now at Ticketfly, though not all show lineups are announced. caUSE co-MOTION is reportedly reuniting for the Friday night gig. Jeffrey Lewis played tonight (12/26), billed as "END OF THE YEAR/ERA ROCK SHOW #4" (full lineup listed below for posterity). #3 happens on Wednesday, 12/28 ("A live taping of MINUTE BY MINUTE with AVALANCHE BOB and MORE"). #2 is 12/29. #1 is 12/30. New Year's Eve is just New Year's Eve.

This is sad but not surprising news. Cake Shop has already beat the odds staying open on Ludlow Street this long, unlike the Living Room which closed in 2012 and then reopened in Brooklyn and then closed again (Pianos is still open and presumabley going strong though). In July, Cake Shop was trying to sell their upstairs cafe while keeping the basement venue. That followed years of publicly announced financial problems.

All hope is not lost though. Cake Shop, who at one point did have a sister Brooklyn venue called Bruar Falls (RIP) which became Grand Victory (RIP), is looking to potentially reopen in Brooklyn. We hope it happens!

Cake Shop has a couple t-shirts for sale, one with their classic dancing dogs logo, for sale on their web store.

Meanwhile, fellow very small Manhattan bar/music club Elvis Guesthouse is also closing for good on NYE.

We loved you Cake Shop, and are very sorry to see you go! End of an era.

The 12/26 show was billed like this:

A hodge podge of friends and family performing old un rehearsed songs or new songs and noise.
8- Maybe Jeff, Jack and Anders make some noise (yet to confirm if we'll be playing anything or just jamming, or just hanging out)
830- either Dave Miko will be performing or Jack Lewis/Awkward Energy
9- either Dave Miko will be performing or Jack Lewis/Awkward Energy
945 -maybe Brad Cole from lowest bolt
(Aka Brent Cole/StrictlyBeatz/CandyBoyz) -not sure if he's showing up)
10 - Professor Louie
10:40 - Jeffrey Lewis plays some new songs

UPDATE: 12/28 show looked like this:

9pm Show Taping

RIP Cake Shop

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