Stateside is a new band from California who are reconnecting emo with its melodic hardcore roots in the vein of contemporaries like Koyo, Anxious, and No Pressure, and also hearkening back to late '90s stuff like Can't Slow Down-era Saves The Day and It's All About The Girls-era New Found Glory. They put out the Bitter Spring demo last year with two original tracks and a cover of Jimmy Eat World's "Secret Crush" from their '97 split with Mineral and Sense Field, and now they've got a new EP called It’s What We Do due out this summer New Morality Zine/Extinction Burst, which was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Zach Tuch (Initiate, Touché Amoré, Trash Talk). First single "Crash Course (Nosedive to Nowhere)" features Rachael Braverman of Anklebiter, and here's what the band says about it:

Lyrically, “Crash Course” tackles a pretty serious topic head on. I wanted to address the idea of accepting that addiction to drugs can have an impact on your relationships with close friends and family. Oftentimes that addiction can change those relationships in a way that you only begin to understand once you have taken a step back and realize what you need to do to become sober.

When writing the track we were really aiming to rely on our hardcore influences as the root of the music but also looking to more of the adjacent bands that have come before us who did the same. This track in particular takes cues from bands such as Saves The Day and Set Your Goals. The single also acts as a good indicator of where we headed sonically on the upcoming EP. As a band we set out to maintain those influences but really breathe some more energy into our song writing, especially more so than we did in our demo songs.

If you've read this far, you probably know what to expect from Stateside, and they do it very, very well on "Crash Course." Check out the song and its Alex Allen-created video:

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