We mentioned back in 2014 that Green Day's touring guitarist -- well, he's technically an official member as of 2012 (not that anyone cares what Green Day were doing in 2012) -- Jason White formed a band called California with Jawbreaker drummer Adam Pfahler, which also features Dustin Clark (The Insides) on bass. That band is now set to release their self-titled debut album this week, which they made in very good company. Adam produced it and Jawbox frontman J Robbins mixed it. The Jawbox cello guy Gordon Withers plays on "To The Airport," which also features Jason singing a duet with Rachel Haden of that dog., The Rentals, the guest vocals on Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American and Weezer's "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams," and a ton of other projects. It's also got longtime Beastie Boys touring drummer Alfredo Ortiz contributing percussion, and Jason Weinheimer on Hammond B3.

Okay, now that we've got the credits out of the way, it's also a pretty solid album. It's certainly more enjoyable than the last few Green Day albums (maybe just because there's no expectation for this, or maybe because there's no "Know Your Enemy"), and it's a calmer mid-tempo rock record than you might expect from these guys, given their punk background. Stream it below.


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