Sorority Noise recently cancelled all remaining dates of their pre-hiatus tour, following a sexual assault allegation against frontman Cam Boucher. Cam's screamo band Old Gray were also set to go on a farewell tour in June, and that tour has now been cancelled too.

Cam was initially accused by a third party, and then he gave a statement, writing, "I take accusations of sexual violence and nonconsent very seriously. Since last night, I have taken the time to have honest conversations with previous intimate partners and given them the room to share if they had any experiences with me that were nonconsensual or disrespectful in any way. Following those dialogues, I can confirm that the accusations against me are baseless."

The following day, the alleged victim posted on Reddit, saying, "I immediately felt like something was wrong but I compartmentalized it for a month or so until I realized it was, in fact, rape. Let me get something straight — this absolutely happened." It was after that that Sorority Noise cancelled their tour dates, and wrote, "We are looking after Cam and taking him to receive treatments to ensure his health at this time. It is difficult for us to say more at this moment as the rest of us are doing our best to handle the situation immediately in front of us… We are sorry to let any of you down and extend our deepest regrets to those affected."

Old Gray's Philly, Brooklyn, and Cambridge shows were to be with I Kill Giants and Cerce, who were both reuniting for these shows. Those two bands will still play without Old Gray. The shows happen 6/8 at Philly's First Unitarian Church, 6/9 at Brooklyn's Market Hotel, and 6/10 at Cambridge's Sinclair. Refunds are available at point of purchase, and tickets are back on sale for Philly and Brooklyn. Cambridge is listed as sold out.

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