As mentioned, post-hardcore vets Jonah Matranga (Far, New End Original, onelinedrawing, Gratitude) and J Robbins (Jawbox, Government Issue, Burning Airlines, Office of Future Plans) have formed another band together called Camorra, and the lineup's rounded out by Zach Barocas (of Jawbox and BELLS≥). Their debut EP Mourning, Resistance, Celebration comes out next week (7/14) on Arctic Rodeo, and we're premiering a new video ahead of its release. This one's for "Love & Economics," and here's what Jonah tells us about it:

The video is literally a student project that I found on the internet after searching under 'colonialism'. I was instantly interested when I noticed it's pretty much the exact length of the tune, so I just combined the simple lyric video that I was gonna do with what Kali did. The symmetry is pretty crazy, right? There is zero editing or any other attempt to make the song match her piece, it just worked out.

Lead single "Roosevelt Champion III" sounded like it could've come straight out of Far's discography, but "Love & Economics" is a calmer, weirder song that's quite a departure from Jonah and J's post-hardcore roots. Watch below.

The EP also features a duet with Janet Morgan (who played with J in Channels) on a new arrangement of the traditional “Parting Friends,” plus gang vocals on “Black White Girl Boy” by Tierney Tough (of The Pauses) and Brooks Harlan & Shawna Potter (both of War On Women).

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