Camp Cope's Georgia Maq went in a lo-fi bedroom synthpop direction on her 2019 solo album Pleaser, and now she has gone pop pop with her new song "Someone Stranger," a collaboration with producer Alice Ivy.

"Alice Ivy and I knew we wanted to make a song together so we made the time and in about three hours we had pretty much finished 'Someone Stranger,'" Georgia said. "I write lyrics really quickly when I feel I have to and Alice Ivy creates amazing melodies so it just worked really well together. The song is very much open to interpretation, but personally it’s about purging romance through movement."

Alice adds, " feel like Georgia and I have always been destined to write together, so I was super excited when we finally got the chance last year. I played her a little demo I had kicking around and she immediately started writing lyrics for it. I loved how fast-paced the whole experience was! I think we were both thinking, 'Let's make this a song we'd wanna hear in a club!'. Georgia's voice is so incredible, it was cool just being able to just write a massive pop banga with her. Very excited to have this one out in the world!"

Georgia's voice remains unmistakable, and the song really does soar like a Top 40 pop song. Listen below.

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Georgia Maq

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