Rising Florida emo band Camp Trash put out their debut EP Downtiming earlier this year on Count Your Lucky Stars, and this week they'll follow it with a new single, "Weird Florida," which gets an early premiere in this post. The power pop-friendly song sounds straight out of the late '90s / early 2000s, and it's catchy and lively enough to leave an impact in 2021 too. "'Weird Florida' is a song about a panic attack in a Honda Civic," guitarist Keegan Bradford tells us. "I started writing it in October 2019, to no avail. Eventually, in summer 2020, I sent the song to Levi (my brother and Camp Trash bassist) because he has a beautiful, unhinged songwriting process. Something unexpected always happens. He wrote the riff that became the chorus and we tried to finish the song as quickly as possible, which is probably why it sounds a little manic. It was a weird summer."

"The song is about a person whose problems—and their solutions to those problems���are all impossibly dumb," Keegan continues. "But it’s a song about being stuck and about getting unstuck and in the end I think that’s all that really matters." Listen below.

As mentioned, Camp Trash will support Worst Party Ever on tour this January, including a show at Knitting Factory Brooklyn on January 23 (tickets). All dates are listed on the tour poster below. All ticket links here.

Camp Trash Worst Party Ever

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