If you know anything about Camp Trash, you probably know this: almost no one's heard their music. They've managed to build up a noticeable amount of Twitter hype even without any music on their Bandcamp (guitarist Keegan Bradford is an editor at The Alternative), and they signed to the trusty Count Your Lucky Stars (Empire! Empire!'s label) before most of us could figure out if they were actually a real band.

Well, the wait is finally over. We can confirm that Camp Trash is not only a real band, but a good band. We're premiering the first single from their upcoming debut EP Downtiming, "Weird Carolina," and it proves they've got the music to back up the mysterious internet hype.

The band's bio says Camp Trash is recommended if you like The Get Up Kids, Oso Oso, and Something Corporate, and that should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from their power-poppy emo. Something Corporate especially sounds like an influence, but Camp Trash reshape that band's sound in a way that feels more like the modern indie/DIY emo scene, making for something that feels nostalgic and fresh all at once.

The band tells us that the songs on this EP were actually written before the band officially formed, with members Bryan Gorman and Keegan Bradford "exchanging voice memos and song ideas while living in different cities," and then finally recorded in winter 2020 with Kyle Hoffer in Orlando, FL. As for "Weird Carolina" specifically, Keegan says it's "about moving away from places you love, and the people you love moving away from you, and how those places are usually Georgia or North Carolina." Listen below.

Downtiming comes out on January 22 via Count Your Lucky Stars (pre-order), and the band are set to start recording their debut full-length album this month too. Stay tuned.

Camp Trash

Weird Carolina


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