Hard rock and heavy psych as we know it wouldn’t exist without Captain Beyond. Original drummer Bobby Caldwell (who was also in Armageddon and Johnny Winter’s band) is steering a new seven-piece lineup of Captain Beyond that have been playing shows this summer and hit Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on Tuesday night (8/22). At Vitus, they delivered the old tunes with power, precision and depth, and at 65, Bobby is still an impeccable drummer. He also took the lead vocal on "Night Train" and "Starglow Energy," and the band did a cover of The Yardbird’s "White Summer" that showed off the prowess of their new lead guitarist who was smoking throughout the set.

The Golden Grass opened the night with their take on old school hard rock boogie metal that was a lot of fun. Pictures from their set and Captain Beyond's are in the gallery above, and setlists for both are below.


SETLIST: Captain Beyond @ Saint Vitus 8/22/2017
Slow Blues
Distant Sun
Dancing Madly Backwards
Everything's a Circle
Sufficiently Breathless
Thousand Days Of Yesterday
Frozen Over
White Summer (The Yardbirds cover)
Night Train (Bobby Caldwell on vocals)
Star Glow Energy (Bobby Caldwell on vocals)
Raging River of Fear

Mesmerization Eclipse
I Can’t Feel Nothin’, Part II

SETLIST: The Golden Grass @ Saint Vitus 8/22/2017
The Golden Grass setlist:
Catch Your Eye
Show Your Hand
The Spell;
Begging The Question
Out On The Road
Walk Along
I Want Your Body
Captain Beyond setlist is in photos


photos by Greg Cristman

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