Philly indie/emo band Caracara released their long-anticipated sophomore LP, New Preoccupations, back in March, and then did some touring in support of it (we caught them opening for Pianos Become the Teeth in NYC, and they sounded tremendous). Now that 2022 is coming to a close, Caracara have shared with us their favorite albums from this year, with picks and commentary from all four members. Their list includes PBTT, recent tourmates String Machine, New Preoccupations collaborator Anthony Green (of Circa Survive and more), Nilüfer Yanya, Ethel Cain, and more. Read on for the list.

Caracara's Favorite Albums of 2022

We spent a lot of time in the van this year listening to music together. These are our favorite records in no particular order-

black midi - Hellfire

Sometimes a record just meets you where you're at. Earlier this year I was dealing with a tragic family accident and the chaos of this record put me at ease. The lyrical agility, the wild narrative, the mixing of chaos with more chaos to achieve better chaos. If I'm going to be around for the apocalypse, I hope it sounds like Vince Vaughn from Swingers fronting the Brian Setzer Orchestra. I hope the apocalypse sounds like black midi. - Will

Ethel Cain - Preacher's Daughter

Despite being a fictional narrative, this record brings a level of storytelling so raw and tragic that it is immediately believable. Whereas most heartland-pop sugar coats and glorifies hardship, Ethel doesn't shy away from the struggles of American life. This is especially true on the tracks "American Teenager" and "A House in Nebraska," both of which are absolute monsters. - George

Bartees Strange - Farm To Table

We played with and met Bartees at one of our last gigs before the lockdown, and it's been remarkable to watch him achieve so much since then and we're lucky to call him a friend. This man doesn't miss, both Live Forever and Farm to Table are masterpieces in my opinion, so that can only mean Bartees is just getting started. - Will

Murkage Dave - The City Needs a Hero

I've been obsessed with ukg since i was a kid, but for a few years there before and after we made our first record Summer Megalith, I lost track of that whole scene. I had the opportunity to see Murkage Dave DJ at Phonox in Brixton in 2018, and he released Murkage Dave Changed My Life later that year, and I was fully back in. This man has such an incredible humility and authenticity in his lyrics, he writes beautifully about the struggle trying to make it in music, something I relate to deeply. His new record re-emphasizes all of his strengths while reaching new places entirely, and it's been on repeat for all of us as we're writing new music. -Will

Nilüfer Yanya - Painless

We were sold from the first notes of Nilüfer Yanya's excellent record, Painless. The driving drums, active basslines, and guitar tones are so instantly recognizable as emanating from the UK. Their adventurous songwriting is extremely inspiring to us, so don't be surprised if you hear some connecting threads in our music in the future. ;) -Carlos

Pianos Become The Teeth - Drift

We love when artists evolve, and few do it more gracefully than PBTT. Every track on this record is worth diving deep into, and, joining for part of their release tour, we had the immense pleasure of getting to soak it in live. -Sean

String Machine - Hallelujah, Hell Yeah

Some records don't sink in until you see them live. On the other hand, this one from our dear friends in String Machine conveys all of their authenticity and personality straight through your speakers. Every corner of this 7-piece gang adds their own color to this heartfelt masterpiece. -Sean

Alvvays - Blue Rev

This record was another instant love for us. When you are able to have an already successful band pull off a stylistically-powerful record, with great songwriting, and a strong vision it's going to be a winner. We have always been fans of shoegaze/grunge/dreampop and there is probably not a better contemporary example of a perfect blend of those genres than this record. -Carlos

Braxe + Falcon - Step By Step EP

This EP was a total surprise. Not something that we would generally seek out, but it unlocked a deep nostalgia for the good ole days when you could blast Daft Punk in your car and you were still considered "cool." The stand out track on this one is "Step by Step." It starts filtered down with a groove that just feels SO good, like you're listening on your crappy car's tape deck, and then blows up with wonderful singing from Animal Collective's Panda Bear. It's simply great! -Carlos

Anthony Green - Boom. Done.

AG just doesn't run dry. Along with output via Circa Survive, LS Dunes, and TSOAF (plus a feature on our record) this year, this gem of a record is some of his most creative work to date. Not only is it beautiful and fun but also tremendously vulnerable and a meaningful outlet from a beautiful soul. Absolutely worth listening to over and over. -Sean

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