photos by Greg Cristman; words by Doug Moore

Carcass @ Gramercy Theatre 9/26/2013

As we've mentioned a few times over the past couple of weeks, the dual Carcass and Immolation shows at Saint Vitus on 9/25 and at Gramercy Theater on 9/26 were two of the most hotly anticipated NYC metal events of the year. We've got a writeup and photos of the Gramercy gig, plus full-set videos from the Saint Vitus show, over at Invisible Oranges:

There were also a few bigger-venue-related glitches to deal with...But those problems aren't what I'll remember about this show. Instead, I'll remember Immo bashing through a set composed mostly of tunes from their underrated new album. (For real, though, guys: "Higher Coward" next time, please?) I'll remember Ross Dolan joking that the bands onstage were so old that the show should've been held at the Museum of Natural History. I'll remember Jeff Walker letting his punk roots show through in a string of snotty stage quips: joking that he might be 24-year-old drummer Dan Wilding's dad;, referring to the audience as "a chorizo fest"; and lashing out at 20 years' worth of Swansong criticism by pointing out that the opening cut was written in 1990, long before Carcass purportedly sold out. And, of course, I'll remember Carcass banging out a nearly flawless set that spanned all 28 years of their run.

You can read the whole thing over at IO.

Be sure to check out our Surgical Steel review and our Jeff Walker interview if you haven't. Take a peek at photos from the Gramercy gig (including Walker's awesome Thin Lizzy/Taco Bell shirt) and video from the Vitus gig below. You could also choose to give the Surgical Steel b-side "Zochrot," which was recently released as a Decibel flexi-disc, a spin while you take a look at the pics. It's streaming below as well.




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