Pre-order our limited white vinyl variant of Carcass' new album.

British death metal legends Carcass have shared a new song off their highly anticipated new album Torn Arteries, "Dance of Ixtab." This one injects a strong hard rock vibe into Carcass' sound, which vocalist/bassist Jeff Walker tells Rolling Stone is a recurring theme on this album.

"I’d describe this album as dad rock," he said. "It’s probably not going to grab the average fan of the Eagles, but it’s got a slightly rock & roll element to it. But I think anything other than that would have been really dishonest, because that is kind of where we’re at. You’ve got to bring yourself to the music. Sure, you’re going to be playing up certain elements of yourself more than others, but it’s got to be real; it’s got to be sincere. People sense that if it’s not."

Guitarist Bill Steer added, "There was no way on earth we were going to make a similar album to the previous one. We’ve always tended to avoid that with this group anyway. It felt very important to bring something new and fresh because if Jeff or I are involved, given our history, and the way Dan approaches drumming, in my view, it’s always going to sound like Carcass. So you don’t need to be too neurotic about trying to repeat certain key elements of your style. [...] To me, ideally, I wanted every track to have something in it that hadn’t been heard in a Carcass song before."

"Dance of Ixtab" is another very promising taste of this LP, as you can hear by checking out its video below. Pre-order our white vinyl variant of the album, limited to 500.


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