Back in 2018, Carey Mercer ended his long-running Frog Eyes project after one last album and tour, but now he's back with a new band, Soft Plastics, whose lineup also includes longtime Frog Eyes drummer (and Carey's wife) Mel Campbell and late-period Frog Eyes member Shyla Seller. Their debut album 5 Dreams is due at some point via Paper Bag (pre-order), and first single "Rope Off The Tigers" is out now. Talking about the album, Carey says:

The songs aren’t tied to a cohesive theme, but they do exist in a land that is deeply wet, dark, flooded—occasionally a gilded sun-beam comes out of nowhere and the song just stops and stares in bloody awe at what we are given, what we might see.

"Rope Off The Tigers" is a little more directly post-punk inspired than Frog Eyes, but it mostly scratches a similar itch. Listen below.

Soft Plastics

1. St Tosh the Actor
2. Here's Where the Sun Was
3. Andre
4. I Dreamed of Cold Clean Green Seas
5. The Party's Still On
6. Spartacus, Please
7. I Pay No Heed to the Signs
8. Rope off the Tigers
9. The Angels
10. Wyld Thyng

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