While Australian artist Carla dal Forno has always favored simple arrangements, this year's Come Around is her most minimal record yet, with most tracks little more than spare vintage drum machines, bass, and voice, while atmospheric synths very lightly fill in the edges of the echoey production. It's a terrific album -- it made the Gorilla Vs Bear's year-end list and Western Addition's Jason Hall dug it too -- and you can listen below.

We asked Carla to tell us about her favorite music of 2022 and her list includes lots of artists to discover. Check out her list and commentary below.



Warm Currency - Returns
Love this one. I enjoy the creeping, intimate imagery created by the lyrics and the barely there instrumentation. Soft and gentle and eery.

Thomas Bush - Preludes
This second solo album from Thomas Bush is a DIY gem. Meandering and touching, it reminds me of mild English summers and first loves.

Luster - Luster
Really been digging this debut from Luster. It’s beautiful and meditative. Haunting vocals, stripped back instrumentation. One to spend some time with.

Yuta Matsumura - Red Ribbon
Love this album. A recent find. It’s hazy, disoriented, plaintive and haunting.

Pumice - Phylis
This one from a NZ underground mainstay is another DIY classic. It’s loose, experimental and joyful.

Freundliche Kreisel - Freundliche Kreisel
Beautiful folk sounds on this one. Some songs are romantic and gentle, others trip me out a bit. A very intriguing listen.

A Happy Return - Drashel
A Spillage Fete record always seems makes my end of year list. They are so good at writing short, emotionally poignant tracks that tie together so well and leave you wanting more

The Cat's Miaow - Songs ’94-’98
Bittersweet love songs to make you feel nostalgic and romantic. This archival release is a lovely way to discover some classic pop songs

Andrew Chalk
Mediative and transportive instrumentations that haunt and evoke.

Various Artists - Two Years of Spring
A lovely compilation featuring some of my favourite artists.

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