Carpark Records is turning 21, and to celebrate, they've released No Cover, a compilation of 21 Carpark and imprint artists from throughout the label's history covering other Carpark artists.

It features Sad13 covering Cloud Nothings (and Cloud Nothings covering Speedy Ortiz in return), Emily Reo and Dent May both doing Beach House covers, Dan Deacon and Astronauts, Etc both doing Ed Schrader's Music Beat covers, Ed Schrader's Music Beat covering Dinky, Madeline Kenney covering Palm, TEEN covering Madeline Kenney, Johanna Warren covering The Beths, Marumari remixing The Beths, The Beths covering Over The Atlantic, and more. Check out the full tracklist and stream the whole thing below. Physical copies come out March 19 (pre-order).

Carpark also have new anniversary merch in their webstore and on Bandcamp; and Carpark artists Carpark artists The Beths, Cloud Nothings, Fat Tony and Dent May have teamed with Collective Arts Brewing for their Audio/Visual series. "The series, which aims to broaden their community's musical horizons, celebrates the intersection of art, music and beer featuring a record label, four bands and one visual artist who creates unique art for each band. Carpark's limited edition Audio/Visual lager is expected to be available in stores in January 2021."

1. Melkbelly - The Crystal Cat (Dan Deacon cover)
2. Skylar Spence & Fat Tony - Ordinary Pleasure (Toro y Moi cover)
3. The Mattson 2 - Forever, Until (Dog Bite cover)
4. Sad13 - Psychic Trauma (Cloud Nothings cover)
5. Emily Reo - Gila (Beach House cover)
6. Ed Schrader's Music Beat - Berlin Nites (Dinky cover)
7. Rituals of Mine - Girl Like You (Toro y Moi cover)
8. Madeline Kenney - Pearly (Palm cover)
9. Erin Anne - Strawberry (Emily Reo cover)
10. GRMLN - Hey Cool Kid (Cloud Nothings cover)
11. Cloud Nothings - Villain (Speedy Ortiz cover)
12. Popstrangers - Just Imagine (Sonic Boom cover)
13. Dan Deacon - Humbucker Blues (Ed Schrader's Music Beat cover)
14. The Beths - Less Than Thou (Marumari Mix)
15. TEEN - Cut Me Off (Madeline Kenney cover)
16. Montag - Rio (Adventure cover)
17. Johanna Warren - Happy Unhappy (The Beths cover)
18. Dent May - Saltwater (Beach House cover)
19. Introverted Dancefloor - Now Is The Time of Emotion (Prince Rama cover)
20. The Beths - Starsign (Over The Atlantic cover)
21. Astronauts, Etc. - Riddles (Ed Schrader's Music Beat cover)

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