After longtime Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss left the band, remaining members Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker, said they were "saddened" by her decision, but they are still gearing up to release their new album and go on tour as planned. They recently posted a few more teaser videos, one of which was posted to Carrie's Instagram, where a commenter wrote, "Janet’s replacement on the pots and pans I see." Carrie expanded a little bit more on Janet's departure in reply:

What am I supposed to say? She left. We asked her to stay. We tried. It’s hard and sad. Most people would ask me, “hey are you ok?” That’s the human response. She’s left us with a job to do, a job we also expected and wanted her to be a part of. Her playing on this record is amazing and she’s raved about this album to us and to Annie. But we have to keep looking to the future. Things change, even when those changes are hard and unexpected. Four amazing women worked on this record and we are going to honor that work. So, what’s up? The usual....Women picking up the pieces when someone quits, because we have to and want to. We’re going to keep going because we believe in ourselves and it’s a privilege to get to play music for people. It’s a new chapter. And all artistic entities have many chapters, if they’re lucky. Either the music will resonate or it won’t.

"I dip in/out of the comments," Carrie continued in a new reply, "and social media is a beast for real conversations. But I do care. And your questions were in earnest. Thanks for letting me know how you feel."

UPDATE: Listen to Sleater-Kinney's third single and new album's title track, "The Center Won't Hold."

Sleater-Kinney have so far shared "The Future Is Here" and "Hurry On Home" from their new, St. Vincent-produced album, The Center Won't Hold. No word yet on who might be joining them as drummer in the future.

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