We mentioned last year that Jeff Rosenstock would be scoring a new Cartoon Network show called Craig of the Creek. The show has since aired, and it not only features music by Jeff, but also music and guest appearances in the actual show by his talented musical pals, plus a shoutout to beloved, now-closed Bushwick venue Silent Barn, which Jeff played one of the last-ever shows at.

The Silent Barn shoutout comes in an episode that actually stars the band Bad Moves, who toured with Jeff earlier this year. Bad Moves' neighbors complain about them playing in their garage, and main character Craig -- who also just started writing music of his own -- helps them find an old barn to play shows in. There's a scene where Bad Moves perform their actual song "The Verge," and then singer David Combs encourages Craig's band (whose instruments were played by the real-life Jeff Rosenstock band) to come play too. After Craig's song, David Combs' character tries to help Craig come up with a name for the place. "Pizza Crust Collective 2? The Silent Barn? The Not So Silent Barn?", he asks, before Craig decides on "The Vulture's Nest."

David Combs wrote, "something that feels extra special about this episode for me is that it brings back fond memories of volunteering at queer rock camp for a couple summers which was really incredible. if you wanna support an empowerment rock camp in DC consider donating to girls-rock-dc.secured.atpay.com!"

Drummer Daoud Tyler-Ameen added:

Morning. Here’s something I never thought I’d say:

Available now to subscribers in the @CartoonNetwork app is an episode of the amazing new show Craig of the Creek featuring my band, @BadMovesDC.

No, but like, really. It’s us.

The episode is called “Vulture’s Nest.” I know the world is burning and it feels distasteful to talk about anything else, but I need to spend a minute on how special this is.

When we were asked to do this I figured it was just to contribute a song, and even that seemed wild.

It wasn’t until we saw some concept sketches that I truly believed what they were saying: They wanted us to be an essential part of this episode’s story, *playing ourselves.*

Not only that, but our purpose was to teach the main characters how to be in a band. The fact that we were unglamorous people playing in a garage was half the point. They even asked for real-life details about our own experiences making music and worked them into the dialogue.

We’ve all had experience volunteering for youth rock camps in one way or another. The idea that we were here to show children that their own lives are interesting enough to make art about was unreal.

I love, love, love how the characters go from being nervous around “cool” grown-ups to recognizing and harnessing their own coolness. And I love that the band welcomes their curiosity and doesn’t talk down to them.

“Vulture’s Nest” is in the Cartoon Network app this weekend and airs on actual, literal television Monday morning at 9am ET. Shouts upon shouts to show genius @ben_levin for making it happen, and for making my character the funny one. #FriesShouldBeBottomless

(Side note: This brief experience with pro voice acting is some of the most fun I’ve ever had. I sincerely hope to do more. ❤️🙏)

OK, that's it. Love y'all.

There's also a cool Easter egg in that episode where the garage has a punny poster that shouts out Jeff Rosenstock:

Jeff also collaborates with Laura Stevenson for a "power metal anthem" (Jeff's words) in the "Kelsey Quest" episode, and he says that somewhere in the series, "Stefan from PUP snuck in a guitar chord." You can watch a bunch of videos, see more tweets from the musicians about the show, and watch a video of the real Jeff Rosenstock band recording their part for Craig's band below. Watch even more at Cartoon Network.

The Silent Barn shoutout is here:

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