Vivian Girls at their last show (more by PSquared)
Vivian Girls

As previously mentioned, Cassette Store Day is returning this year on September 27, and since we last spoke, the first round of releases has been announced. There will be cassettes from Foxygen, Vivian Girls, Mutual Benefit, Dntel, Kevin Morby, Fear of Men, They Might Be Giants, Weedeater, Zero Boys, Kurt Braunohler, Enslaved, Immortal, Suffocation, Testament, Typhoon, The Rural Alberta Advantage, PUJOL, Chuck Ragan, The Gaslight Anthem, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Restorations, R. Stevie Moore and many more, as well as still more being added.

Check out the full initial list below...


Cassette Store Day -- 2014 Releases
PIZZA - #funeral (Cultural Magnetics)
The Hussy - Live on WFMU (Rainy Road Records)
Mystery Twins - I'm Not Like Everybody ElseMystery Twins (Self Released)
Various Artists - Two-Way Tie For Last (Baldy Longhair / Fleeting Youth)
Film Skool Rejekts - Workprint: The Greatest Mixtape of All TIme (Cy Global)
Friendship Commanders - Three-Sided-Single 001 (Trimming The Shield Records)
Chess Match - Plastic Paradise (Space Station Ltd.)
Allen & Dennis Callaci (Refrigerator) - Sing the Smiths Songbook (Shrimper)
Kevin Morby - Kevin Morby (Shrimper)
Makeup and Vanity Set - 88:88 (Telefuture)
David "Honeyboy" Edwards - Roamin' & Ramblin' (Creme Tangerine Records)
Super Medusa - Doomed Boy (Sorority Vomit)
Vivian Girls - Share The Joy (Polyvinyl Records)
Mutual Benefit - Love's Crushing Diamonds (Other Music Recording Co.)
Pet Sun - Feel Like I'm Going Away (Sleepless Records)
Various Artists - LFD Sampler Vol. III (Lo-Fi by Default Records)
Catavento - Lost Youth Against The Rush (Lo-Fi by Default Records)
Foxygen - Foxygen...And (Star Power)
Dntel - Human Voice Outtakes (Stones Throw)
Fever Dog - Second Wind (Sun Lips Records)
Sad Horse - Purple On Purple Makes Purple (Field Hymns)
Fathers Day - Unreleased Trash (Slop Bop Records)
yuk. - a n a k (Leaving Records)
Parker Steele - Ultragiving (Rainy Road Records)
Super Medusa - Doomed Boy (Sorority Vomit)
The Heurs - The Heurs (Hardcore Bubblegum)
Bitch Bricks - The I's of Man (Lo-Life Recordings)
Bummer Vacation - Creative Differences (Lo-Life Recordings)
Some Ember - Some Ember + Bonus Tracks (Dream)
Ye Olde Maids - Anthology (Dream)
Gracefully Aging Hippy Soloists - Gracefully Aging Hippy Soloists (Academia)
Various Artists - The Price Is Rice (Rice Is Nice)
Various Artists - Cassette Store Day RBR Mixtape (Rubber Brother Records)
Various Artists - Congratulations, You've Won! (Snowfall Tapes)
Various Artists - Meat Bundle #2 (Eat Tapes)
Fear of Men - Loom (That Summer Feeling)
Hard Proof - Soul Thing / Lake Tana Cassingle (Hard Proof Industries)
Boxenstien - Not Sure (Clips Snips & Stumps)
They Might Be Giants - They'll Need A Crane (single) (Idlewild Recordings)
They Might Be Giants - (She Was) A Hotel Detective (Single) (Idlewild Recordings)
They Might Be Giants - They Might Be Giants (Idlewild Recordings)
They Might Be Giants - Lincoln (Idlewild Recordings)
PHORK - Psychic Biomes (Dirty Pillows)
1349 - Massive Cauldron of Chaos (Season Of Mist)
Weedeater - Sixteen Tons (Season Of Mist)
Weedeater - ...And Justice For Y'All (Season Of Mist)
Zero Boys - History Of
Kurt Braunohler - How Do I Land? (Kill Rock Stars)
Enslaved - Riitiir (Nuclear Blast)
Exodus Exhibit - B-The Human Condition (Nuclear Blast)
Immortal - Sons of Northern Darkness (Nuclear Blast)
Suffocation - Pinnacle of Bedlam (Nuclear Blast)
Testament - Dark Roots of Earth (Nuclear Blast)
Testament - The Formation of Damnation (Nuclear Blast)
Marshmallow Coast - "Best Of"/Collection (Hope For The Tape Deck)
Quichenight - Room Temperature (Lamb Speed Records)
Various Artists - Cassette Store Day Comp Vol. 2 (Culture Cringe)
Typhoon - White Lighter (Roll Call Records)
Various Artists - Paisley Overground (Paisley Shirt Records)
The Rural Alberta Advantage - Mended With Gold (Saddle Creek)
PUJOL - Reunited States of Being (Saddle Creek)
Jack McConnell - Tape It Back (Zipp and Associates Record Label)
Sea Monkey See - Boy Genius (White Raven Records)
s/a - Peter Broderick + Gabriel Saloman (Beacon Sound)
Chuck Ragan - Till Midnight (SideOneDummy Records)
The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound (SideOneDummy Records)
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Christmas Island (SideOneDummy Records)
Restorations - LP2 (SideOneDummy Records)
Restorations - LP2 (SideOneDummy Records)
The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang (SideOneDummy Records)
R. Stevie Moore - Saturday Singles Series (PIAPTK Recordings)
Wooden Wand - PIAPTK Singles Collection (PIAPTK Recordings)
Various Artists - 80N7 (80N7)
High Chief - Super Ape Shit (Dimly Lit)
The Golden Dawn - Power Plant (Burger Records)
Townes Van Zandt - Townes Van Zandt (Burger/Fat Possum Records)
Eternal Summers - The Drop Beneath (Hope For The Tape Deck)
Sleepybeef - Sleepybeef Box Set (3D-printed box w/ art book) (Hope For The Tape Deck)
Various Artists - Graveyard Orbit: The First Year (Graveyard Orbit)
ZeusClassic - Zeus (Arts & Crafts)
Various Artists - Let the Anvils Ring Vol. 1 (Passive Recordings)
Cloud Nothings - Here and Nowhere Else (Mom + Pop)
Josh Hey - Staycation 2 (Paxico Records)
Ricky Fitts - Castlevania: 2002 - 2006 (This Ain't Heaven Recording Concern)
Marlena Shaw - Woman of the Ghetto - Akshin Alizadeh Mixes (Cold Busted)
Akshin Alizadeh - Street Bangerz Volume 8 (Cold Busted)
Vitamin D - Hard Times (Cold Busted)
Es-K - Serenity (Cold Busted)
Various Artists - IWYMI Volume 2 (Cold Busted)
Circle Jerks - Live At The House of Blues (Kung Fu Records)
Various Artists - Various (Innovative Leisure)
Various Artists - Monofonus 2014 Compilation! (Monofonus Press)
Oil - Oil (Deep Secret)
Hieronymus - Space Coast (PDXINDUBTING!)
Mormon Girls - Bears (Norwegian Blue Records)
Strange Mountain - A Quiet Dynasty (Adhesive Sounds)
Brother JT - Lo Bias Hi Noise (Summersteps Records)
Various Artists - Man the Capstan: An r/cassetteculture Cassette Store Day 2014 Compilation (Seizure Man)
Flesh Panthers - S/T reissue (Dumpster Tapes)
Riot Fox - Breath Fetish (Riot Fox Music)
James Swanberg/Chris Kramer - Live At The Whistler (Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes)
Boxenstien - Not sure (Clips Snips & Stumps)
The Obsessed - Incarnate (T(R)APE)
Sodomia - Sodomia (T(R)APE)
Saviours - Crucifire (T(R)APE)
Spirit Caravan - Spirit Caravan Live (T(R)APE)
Tape Waves - Let You Go (Bleeding Gold)
Best Coast - Fade Away (New Wave Tapes)
7SECONDS - Leave A Light On (Rise Records)
ButterQueen - Dinner At Wally's (Godless America Records)
Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies - Pizza Slut (Godless America Records)
7SECONDS - Leave a Light On (Rise Records)
Imaad Wasif - Figurehead (Narnack Records/Death By Records)
Spoken Nerd and toofor7 - Cult 'a Cola Classic, Volume 1 (Semi-Pro Records)
Jolly Drones - Crush! (Gazelle Recordings)
Planet B Cassettes - 4 Track Adventures (Phil the Tremolo King)
Bleak House - Music From The Middle Room (Keshcology)
Keshco - Freaks At A Wake (Keshcology)
Vishnu Basement - Strange Machine (Sad Cactus Records)
Tundrastomper - Victory (Sad Cactus Records)
SUPERTEEN - Exponential SUPERTEEN (Sad Cactus Records)
JOSH HEYFIELD - TRIP (Paxico Records)
Divided Heaven - Youngbloods (Music Is None Of Our Business)
Zach Cooper - Daniel McClung In Memoriam (Memory Foam (sub-label of Styles Upon Styles))
Various Artists - Prickly Pear: The 2nd Sad Cactus Compilation (Sad Cactus Records)
Private Lives/Mouth Reader - Split (Semi-Pro Records)
Babe Rainbow - Music For 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, & More Pianos (1080p)
Chris BrokawI - Ace Sociopathic King (Already Dead Tapes and Records)
David Shrigley/Iain Shaw - Awesome (Already Dead Tapes and Records)
Radiator Hospital/Fred Thomas - Welcome to the Jungle (Already Dead Tapes and Records)
Mountainhood - Letters from the Forest of Nisene Marks (Gnome Life Records)
Obliterations - Obliterations/The Hole (Under The Gun Records)
Morbidly-O-Beats - Analogue Arsonist (Us Natives Records)
Information Society - Artoffact Records (Artoffact Records)
Various Denver Artists - WE'RE STILL STONED - Denver Rock n Roll Review 2014 (Heart in Box Records)
Ned Garthe - Teenage Acid Party (Heart in Box Records)