Cassie had a major hit with the ahead-of-its-time "Me & U" in 2006, and then quieted down a bit before making a comeback during the "alt-R&B" boom with 2013's RockaByeBaby mixtape. She quieted down yet again after that, but returned this year with the G-Eazy-featuring "Love A Loser" and released a second 2017 single today, "Don't Play It Safe," which was produced by the great Kaytranada. Kaytranada gives the song an atmospheric backdrop, which is perfect for Cassie's ethereal croon. Hopefully these singles mean another album/mixtape is on the way, because Cassie is clearly not out of ideas. Listen below, along with the 10-minute short film for "Love A Loser" that Cassie released earlier this year.

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