Nashville-via-Alabama's Cassino -- in case you aren't familiar -- are the folk rock band that was formed by Nick Torres and and Tyler Odom in the mid-2000s after the demise of their influential emo band Northstar (who had a noticeable impact on fellow Alabama native Adam Lazzara, aka the singer of Taking Back Sunday). The current lineup has Nick joined by his longtime friend Edward Puckett (Tyler left the band back in 2007), and they're putting out a new EP this month. It's called Bottlenecker, due out on May 27, and their first release since 2011. It's the first of two six-song digital EPs, that will eventually be combined for a physical release. Pre-orders will be available today.

We're premiering the album's first single, "Alabama Song," which is a real nice-sounding dose of alt-country that's pretty tough to deny. Listen below.


1. Bottlenecker
2. Bodygetta
3. Rose of Lee
4. Alabama Song
5. Acrobat
6. Mirrorball

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