Brett WeinbachI am seriously kicking myself inside and out right now for forgetting to mention that one of my favorite west coast comedians is doing a one-off NYC-area headlining show at Comix TONIGHT(!!) (10/7). San Francisco based comedian Brent Weinbach is one of the most brilliant and unique comedians I have ever seen... and I've only seen him live once. To quote my earlier self (with words I lifted from his website),

Brent Weinbach's stand-up comedy is weird. He does a lot of characters, he's physical, and his humor is absurd. Here are some other words to describe Weinbach: deadpan, silly, obscure, unconventional, smart, stupid, post-modern, grass roots, Berlin, 1980's, tennis, bike riding, Virgo, Rygar, etc.

The word 'scary' should be in there too....

Also, I know what you're thinking right now; "I don't like comedy clubs. I don't like two item minimums." You shut that mouth. His performances are spectacles not to be missed. And to be perfectly honest, I'd absolutely sit in a club surrounded by cheap shoes, Wall Street Bro-Out parties, fanny packs, bachelorette parties, and a 12-item minimum, ESPECIALLY if it was his only NYC appearance.

Brent is touring in support of his new album The Night Shift, out now on Talent Moat. Summary of this album is difficult, but the folks at AST nut-shelled it the best, saying

The long-awaited follow-up to 2004's Tales from the Brown Side (out of print), The Night Shift continues in the same tradition of unconventional comedy albums as his debut - studio pieces in the style of Joe Frank (a noted influence on Weinbach), live material recorded at San Francisco's legendary Purple Onion, unhinged answering machine messages and some (non-comedic) songs that call to mind Tin Pan Alley. While this might paint Weinbach as someone uninterested in the conventional comedy album, much of The Night Shift is irresistibly funny - silly, surprising and oddly relatable from someone renowned for being strange.

Earlier this same evening Brett is/was on WFMU @ UCB.

He's been on tour since September 11th, 2009. The rest of his shows, including tonight, are below.

Oct. 7: Comix, New York City
Oct. 9: Flicker Theatre, Athens, GA
Oct. 10: 529 Club, Atlanta, GA
Oct. 19-25: Okinawa Military Base, Japan
Nov. 4: Chop Suey, Seattle (Laff Hole presents)
Nov. 6: Bagdad Theater, Portland, OR
Nov. 17-21: Cap City, Austin, TX

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