Austin's Caterpillars are releasing their fourth album, Frontier for the Fallen, on May 6 via Friend Club Records (pre-order). We're premiering new single "Satellites," and this one features a guest verse by an Austin veteran and one of Caterpillars' biggest influences: Mineral frontman Chris Simpson. Vocalist/guitarist Chris Robinson says:

I actually started writing this song in my early 20s but it’s one of those songs that I could just never finish. I always thought it could be a special song lyrically and musically but could never quite get it right. So, on this album, I decided that we just needed to finally finish it. It’s in a great place on the album because it’s after a song that is really gloomy and this one just starts off like you want to get out of bed and start your day.

This song is about fears that you have in your day to day life but knowing that there is something always better around the corner. No matter what is out there in the universe you have to make yourself believe that there’s something better awaiting you.

Also, this is a very special song for us because one of our influences, Chris Simpson (Mineral, The Gloria Record, Mountain Time), sang on one of the verses. We reached out to him and since he lives in Austin and that is where our band is based, it was as simple as him just coming over for an afternoon. Eric [Braun] and I produced, recorded and mixed this album at our home studios so that really gave us the freedom to work around Chris Simpson’s schedule and really take our time making sure the songs sounded as good as they deserved.

Chris fits right in; you can definitely feel the influence of Mineral and their peers, but Caterpillars make it their own. Listen below.

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