Cat's Eyes have only played a handful of shows in their five-year existence but most of them have been memorable. Their first-ever live performance was at The Vatican, and now they've pulled a similar guerilla gig hoodwink at London's Buckingham Palace.

Pretending to be a Renaissance ensemble, Farris Badwan, Rachel Zeffira and a few other musicians scammed their way into a private art talk. They told the organizers they were playing music featured on the famous Pittentweem Clock as well as "Lang Awa Welcome Home My Dearie" which was, in fact, their own "We'll Be Wanting" which is on Cat's Eyes' new album Treasure House. With Rachel on baroque instruments Dulcian and Crumhorn, it made for a pretty good fake-out. Polite, bemused applause followed. Watch video of the whole thing below.

Treasure House is out June 3 on the band’s RAF label.


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