Cave In's 2019 album Final Transmission was the band's final album with late bassist/vocalist Caleb Scofield, but not their final album ever. They've signed to Relapse, and they're set to release a new album this year. In the February 2022 issue of Decibel, the band revealed that the new album is called Heavy Pendulum and due this year via Relapse. It's their first with Nate Newton (Converge, Old Man Gloom, Doomriders) in the band, and his Converge bandmate Kurt Ballou produced it. "In a way, [making Heavy Pendulum] felt like Caleb was still with us," Stephen Brodsky told Decibel. "In 2017, he had ideas for writing another album and recording in a proper studio. Final Transmission [was] Cave In attempting to achieve Caleb's vision before he died, and Heavy Pendulum is the sound of us fulfilling it. The song 'New Reality' is about him, and also features one of his riffs; the lyrics to the song 'Amaranthine' are mostly his. There were many points where we considered how Caleb might approach something, and with all that, I think his spirit is very much alive on this album."

About Nate's involvement, Brodsky added, "I'm just thrilled at how engaged he was throughout the whole process. "Me, [drummer] J-R [Conners] and [guitarist] Adam [McGrath] have been banging our heads to Nate riffs and screaming along since Channel [his early metallic hardcore band in Virginia Beach]."

No music is out from the album yet, but they debuted the new song "Blinded" at their recent December shows. Watch a video of them playing it at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar:

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