Cave In are on tour now in support of this year's Final Transmission, which features the last-ever recordings off late bassist and vocalist Caleb Scofield, and we just caught the NYC show at Bowery Ballroom on Friday (10/18). For this tour, Converge's Nate Newton is playing bass in Caleb's place, and Nate pointed out on stage towards the end of the set that the bass he was playing had belonged to Caleb, and he said "he's here with us tonight." Singer Stephen Brodsky also said "these songs make us think about [Caleb] a lot and they go out to him," before playing two songs from Final Transmission, and many fans yelled out that they loved him and missed him throughout the night. Cave In not only played stuff off the new album, but also played a career-spanning set that reached all the way back to their classic metalcore 1999 debut, Until Your Heart Stops, and their trademark "sonic death wall" was in full effect all night, with a huge wall of sound pummeling the crowd for well over an hour.

The show had killer direct support from War On Women, who released one of our favorite albums of last year, and who mixed things up well between that album, their 2015 self-titled debut LP, and their 2012 EP. As always, they held back nothing and blasted the room with their hard hitting riffs and pointed, often sarcastic, jabs at the patriarchy and misogyny, giving the middle finger to the systems that seek to oppress marginalized communities.

Before War On Women it was Lazer/Wulf, who opened with a set of frantic math metal, powered by complex guitar work juxtaposed with heavy bass and feverish drumming and sporadic vocals.

Pictures of all three bands are in the gallery above. Cave In's setlist and a video below...

Cave In at Bowery Ballroom - 10/18/19 Setlist (via)
Off to Ruin
Moral Eclipse
Winter Window
Joy Opposites
All Illusion
Shake My Blood
Big Riff

Inflatable Dream
Sing My Loves


photos by Kate Hoos

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