Cave In have signed to Relapse Records and confirmed that they'll release a new album on the label in 2022. They've also reissued almost all of their digital catalog on the label (and put everything on Bandcamp), and physical reissues will follow. The band says:

Cave In and Relapse have been on each other’s radar since the early days, when we’d visit Philly on a regular basis to play shows. They’ve witnessed our wild trajectory as a band firsthand, and having that historical connection with such a powerfully eclectic label is really something special. Massive thanks to everyone at Relapse for honoring our catalog, while fueling the incentive to create new music and continue onward.

Cave In are playing Furnace Fest in September and they have two sold-out shows happening at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus in December.

Cave In frontman Stephen Brodsky's band Mutoid Man are working on a new album too.

Cave In last released Final Transmission -- their last album with the late Caleb Scofield -- in 2019 on Hydra Head.


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