Long-running NYC band Caveman are back with Smash, their first album in five years, that will be out July 16 via Fortune Tellers, the label run by Peter Matthew Bauer (ex Walkmen). Much of the album written after the death of frontman Matthew Iwanusa's cousin, and her nickname "Smash" became the title of the album and the inspiration behind it.

The album opens with the slow-building "Like Me," which Matthew says is "about being completely lost and starting to realize you’ve been placing the blame on everything else but yourself.” Starting with a simple piano figure, the song grows and grows into a crashing widescreen anthem. "Like Me" premieres in this post and you can stream it, along with another song off the album, below.


SMASH tracklist
01. Like Me
02. Helpless
03. River
04. Work This Hard
05. You Got A Feeling
06. Will It Take Me
07. Hammer
08. Awake For the Week
09. Bellocell
10. Don't Call Me

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