"Over the next month, CBGB is holding a series of high profile benefit shows. We have been selling a limited number of advance tickets for these shows through TICKETWEB.com and are also holding tickets for sale at the door on the day of each show.

For those of you buying tickets from friends, scalpers, eBay, or anywhere else, there are 2 important pieces of information you need to know."

"1. If it is not your name on the ticket purchase, you will not get in.

TICKETWEB.com does not sell physical tickets. They hold spots on a paid list under the name on the credit card used to purchase them. As you enter the club on the day of the show, the purchaser MUST show the physical credit card (not a copy) used to purchase the ticket. This is TICKETWEB's policy and they insist that it be enforced. If you bought a ticket from a scalper, unless that scalper is nice enough to loan you their actual credit card and ID, you will not be able to use those tickets to get in. Period.

CBGB will not allow name substitutions on the TICKETWEB.com list for any reason.

2. Sold out on TICKETWEB.com does not mean the show is sold out.

A limited number of tickets will be available for sale at the door on a first come/first serve basis. If a show is listed on TICKETWEB.com as being sold out, there is still a chance to buy tickets at the door on the day of the show. Just come early.

The paragraph below is taken from the automatic purchase confirmation email sent out by TICKETWEB.com to all people that buy their tickets. So buyers and sellers of scalped tickets can't say they didn't know.

You must present the original credit card used to make this
purchase at the venue's box-office or point of entry up to
one hour prior to the event or after the doors open (unless
otherwise noted) in order to pick up your ticket(s)." [CBGB]

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