Baltimore's Cemetery Piss have just shared their new album Order of the Vulture, and it's a nasty metal highlight of 2016 so far. It's a pretty gnarly mix of black and thrash metal that splits the difference between the true darkness of the former and the party-spirit of the latter, resulting in an album that's unsettling even as it maintains a sense of humor about itself. This reminds me a lot of the fantastic Black Anvil album from back in 2014. It scratches a similar itch, modernizing thrash metal and keeping it scary without edging too far into self-seriousness.

As we mentioned, Cemetery Piss also have some shows coming up with Toxic Holocaust, including one in just a couple days at Saint Vitus on September 2. That one also includes Bat, and tickets for that are on sale now.

All dates are listed, along with a stream of "Order of the Vulture" (via Noisey), below.

Cemetery Piss -- 2016 Tour Dates
Sept 1st w/ Toxic Holocaust at Cherry Street Station, Wallingford CT
Sept 2nd w/ Toxic Holocaust and Bat at Saint Vitus, Brooklyn NY
Sept 3rd w/ Toxic Holocaust, Bat and Noisem at Metro Gallery, Baltimore MD
Sept 17th at Shadow Woods Festival, White Hall MD

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