It's been a pretty busy year for Ceremony. The shapeshifting hardcore/powerviolence/post-punk/more band dropped the two-song single "Vanity Spawned by Fear" b/w "California Poppy" and they did lots of touring, both opening for Turnstile and headlining. Ceremony vocalist Ross Farrar and drummer Jake Casarotti also put out a new Spice album, Viv, which has cracked a few year-end lists. We also asked Ceremony what their favorite albums of 2022 were, and they made us a list with picks and commentary by Ross, guitarist Anthony Anzaldo, and guitarist Andy Nelson. The list has a wide range of music, including Daphni, Ex-Vöid, Alvvays, Cate Le Bon, Plains, Harry Styles, Oog Bogo, and more. Read on for their full list.

Ceremony's Homesick Festival (which they curated but are not performing at this time) happens January 20 & 21 in Berkeley, CA with Deafheaven, Snail Mail, Fiddlehead, Spy, Sunami, and more.


Anadol - Felicita
An album with its foot in the next life.
- Ross Farrar

Daphni - Cherry
Perfect album cover for a wonderful album.
- Anthony Anzaldo

Ex-Vöid - Bigger Than Before / Alvvays - Blue Rev / Ribbon Stage - Hit With The Most
After what feels like a lifetime trudging through endless desert, there’s the oasis.
- Andy Nelson

Cate Le Bon - Pompeii
Matter and antimatter have finally met.
- RF

Yuta Matsumura - Red Ribbon
A very particular flavor of Vague, where, to paraphrase an old friend, the intimate and the elusive combine in such a way to reveal the former’s perpetual containment within the latter.
- AN

Non Plus Temps - Desire Choir
A divine concoction.
- RF

Oog Bogo - Plastic
They're monsters, I fear.
- RF

Plains - I Walked With You A Ways
I have no Problems With It.
- AA

Harry Styles - Harry’s House
Let me in, Mr. Styles. I am thirsty for Grapefruit.
- AA

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - World Record
Perfect album title for a wonderful album.

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